[erlang-questions] MySQl vs. mnesia

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie@REDACTED
Wed Aug 8 04:01:13 CEST 2007

>>>>> "p" == Patrick  <patrickerj@REDACTED> writes:

p> Sal, I recommend that you use MySQL because of the cluster capacity
p> that MySQL team is developing.

... until you need to expand the size of the back-end cluster because
you've run out of capacity.  Then you're stuck, because you can't
expand that cluster.

Or wait until MySQL developers add the ability to resize the cluster.
Whenever that is.  {shrug}

Mnesia can add and remove storage nodes on-the-fly without
difficulty.(*)  I've done it with clusters up to 22 nodes.

Over in land of PostgreSQL, the folks at Greenplum have a very
interesting, shared-nothing product that can be expanded on-the-fly.


(*) There is one *extremely* irritating performance bug that can hit
you if your tables are extremely large.  Using fragmentation to split
an extremely large table into lots of smaller tables makes it possible
to avoid.  For large databases, you're likely using fragmentation for
other reasons anyway....

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