[erlang-questions] MySQl vs. mnesia

Ben Munat bent@REDACTED
Mon Aug 6 08:30:04 CEST 2007

Patrick wrote:
> I recommend that you use MySQL because of the cluster capacity that
> MySQL team is developing. Mnesia is O.K. but for the business
> environment like web services i can only recommend MySQL... for
> development first use ErlyWeb + ErlyDB, later if you wish you can
> develop something more that will suite you and your team.

I'm curious why you recommend MySQL over mnesia? Are thinking of "business environment" folks who 
would just be more comfortable with something well known like MySQL? Or do you know of 
data-integrity or performance issues that I should know about?

I'm just curious because mnesia is a big chunk of why I'm learning erlang. I have only been at it 
for a month or two, but in that time I have not come across a single story of data-loss, performance 
issues or other problems/disasters with mnesia.


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