[erlang-questions] Problem with socket-based distribution example in the "Programming Erlang" book

Mike Berrow mberrow1@REDACTED
Mon Aug 6 03:37:29 CEST 2007

Aha!!   ...  that was it.
the beam file for mod_name_server in the zip file I downloaded for the book did not
correspond to the source. It had 'startMeUp' in the beam file (the mod_name_server.erl
file and the config file has 'start_me_up').

4> l(mod_name_server).
5> mod_name_server:
module_info/0  module_info/1  startMeUp/3
re-compiling ...
2> c(mod_name_server).
8> mod_name_server:
module_info/0  module_info/1  start_me_up/3

Now it works as prescribed.

2> {ok, Pid} = lib_chan:connect("localhost", 1234, nameServer, "ABXy45", "").
3> lib_chan:cast(Pid, {store, joe, "writing a book"}).
{send,{store,joe,"writing a book"}}
4> lib_chan:rpc(Pid, {lookup, joe}).
{ok,"writing a book"}
5> lib_chan:rpc(Pid, {lookup, jim}).

Thanks much. I'll know how to track that kind of thing down in future.
(and also not take pre-compiled beams as gospel).

-- Mike Berrow

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> Is there are start_me_up function in the module. And is it exported ?
> From the shell do
> 1> l(mod_name_server).
> 2> mod_name_server:<hit tab key>
> this should show you the list of available functions.
> t

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