[erlang-questions] ErlIde

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Fri Aug 3 06:22:21 CEST 2007

Arbow wrote:
> try http://erlide.sourceforge.net/update/ :)

Decided to give eclipse and erlide ago while watching this thread. The
platform is macosx 10.3.9 with a newly downloaded eclipse 3.3.0 which
has been decopressed and extracted into a directory from which it is
being run. I've managed to install erlide from the above URL and
restart. When I go to Eclipse -> Preference the erlide options appear in
the left panel, but when clicking on any of these options the error
message "An error has occurred when creating this preference page."
appears in the left panel and an accompanying dialog appears saying

Unable to create the selected preference page.
org/erlide/basicui/prefs/ErlangPreferencePage (Unsupported major.minor
version 49.0)

Does this mean I should be using an earlier version of eclipse?


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