[erlang-questions] Stand Alone Erlang Still Updated?

Jim McCoy jim.mccoy@REDACTED
Thu Aug 2 20:45:26 CEST 2007

On 8/2/07, Christophe Romain <christophe.romain@REDACTED> wrote:
> is there any windows guru inhere that could help on making a CEAN
> packaged app be bundled in a standalone exe ?

I am not that person, but watched from the sidelines as the py2exe
people wrestled with a lot of the same problems.  I think that the
first steps will be to figure out what parts have to be there and the
see what solutions we can mimic from the py2exe and Rubyscript2exe
examples.  As the first interesting bit to look at, if you poke
through the py2exe CVSweb interface you will see a very nice README
file in py2exe/source that describes how you can load DLLs from memory
(a mmap()'d zip file in this case.)

The basic process that py2exe uses, as I understand thigns, is to
create a small executable that is basically used as a bootstrap loader
for the rest of the system, with the remainder of the data appended to
this loader as a compressed file.  The bootstrap loader does the
equivalent of mmap() over this appended data and then hands things off
to a version of the interpreter that has been tweaked to support
loading bytecode-compiled modules (and DLL versions of Python
extension modules) from this mmap()'d data.

The primary change to the core of Erlang that would seem to be
necessary would be to changing the module loading process to support
pulling in data from a zip file or from a chunk of address space made
available via mmap().

I guess it is time to get erlang installed under parallels so that I
can poke around a bit...


[1] http://py2exe.cvs.sourceforge.net/py2exe/py2exe/source/README-MemoryModule.txt?revision=1.1&view=markup

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