[erlang-questions] Encrypted Mnesia database?

Matthew Pflueger matthew.pflueger@REDACTED
Wed Aug 1 15:01:14 CEST 2007

I have an application I would like to write in Erlang.  I would also like to
utilize Mnesia.  A stringent requirement however be that each user's
information be encrypted and be kept separate from other user's
information.  I was looking at utilizing an embedded database like Db4o with
encryption capabilities for each user but that would mean using Java or .NET
as my platform (ugh).

Does anybody have any ideas on how to encrypt a Mnesia database table?  I
would like to create a disk based table for each user.  The user's
credentials would be used to locate the appropriate Mnesia table and also as
the key to decrypt the table on the fly at the file IO layer.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated...

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