[erlang-questions] Stand Alone Erlang Still Updated?

Chris Curtis Chris.Curtis@REDACTED
Wed Aug 1 15:11:07 CEST 2007

Peter Chan wrote:
> I understand how a fully packaged executable could be difficult to do
> hot code replacement and updates.
> It may be an issue of deployment scenario. If I am deploying on the
> server, I value hot code replacement, but if I am deploying on client
> side, I value compactness.
> I personally think that for a client side deployment with no need to
> hot code replacement or package updates, something like the
> RubyScript2Exe would be perfect (for me, anyway).

Yep, I'm pretty much in agreement. None of the desktop-distributed
applications I have in mind really need the hot-update model.

I've been poking around a little at SAE R9 and it seems relatively
straightforward -- at least at the general level -- except for how to
actually build it. ;-) As far as I can make out so far, it's a bootstrap
issue. Building anything requires ecc, which is what I'm trying to
build. I may be completely misunderstanding something, though... I'm not
a seasoned Erlangist by any means.


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