Trapexit wants your user contributions!

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Thu Jul 20 17:45:12 CEST 2006

Do you have an oracle driver lying around on your hard drive gathering 
dust? Or are still sitting on that 5 minute hack that might save someone 
else hours of work? Since relaunching trap exit, we added a section for 
user contributions. We put it in as a forum, where people can upload 
their own files, add links to sites where they have the source code, and 
possibly come with follow ups when updates are available.

Looking at the traffic on trapexit this past week (200+ unique visitors 
/ day), the user contributions section is the most visited part of the 
site after the forums. But it is empty!!!!  When you get a second over, 
why not upload all your hacks, libraries and applications others might 
need? The URL is


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