Building OTP on a shared server

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Fri Jul 14 22:49:41 CEST 2006

dda writes:
 > I am trying to build Erlang on a shared server, which doesn't have
 > ncurses installed. So I built ncurses, and stuck it into a directory
 > in my account. However, I can't figure out what to tell configure in
 > order to have it find ncurses. configure's options don't seem to
 > provide for that... Any ideas?

Assuming you use bash, try 

  export LDFLAGS="-L the_path_to_your_ncurses_library"

Disclaimer: I haven't tried it for exactly your setup, but the above
works for cross compiling and I can't think why it wouldn't work for
what you're doing. 


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