(newbie still) error messages

Jon Slenk jonslenk@REDACTED
Sat Jul 8 00:44:35 CEST 2006


What habits or tools are used to understand or expand upon Erlang error 
messages? For example, I am getting a badarg error but it does not tell me 
exactly which argument is bad. The last thing on the stack is {test,ping,2} 
which means test:ping/2 rather than "test:ping, argument 2 was bad" (because 
according to the docs the format is {Module, Name, Arity}). It seems to me 
that if I were to have to debug a problem in a larger system it would be 
nice to know exactly where and what arg is bad, but I don't see how to get 
such information.

Just so you know, I am getting the error on purpose while experimenting / 
learning, since test:ping/2 takes (Count, Pong_pid) and I am calling it as 
test:ping( 0, [] ).

thanks for any edification.

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