[Off-topic] Re: Best windows installer?

Douglas Philips dgou@REDACTED
Fri Jul 7 05:00:14 CEST 2006

On 2006 Jul 6, at 3:56 PM, Andrew Lentvorski indited:
> Actually, I have the Mac/OS X attitude about software even for  
> Windows and Linux nowadays.
> If you ask for my root/administrator password, I dump your  
> software.  I expect to unpack/mount an archive and run.
> A package must run in user space to allow me to check it out, if it  
> does not, I do not install it.

Fair enough. But then at some point don't you want it integrated a  
bit more deeply?
The Mac OS X solution works because the GUI is where you live, so you  
don't have to fret about getting 35 things onto your PATH, or about  
integrating with the whatis database or creating a user account for a  
server to run as, or ...


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