"raw" or "verbatim" PIDs?

Jon Slenk jonslenk@REDACTED
Thu Jul 6 22:40:45 CEST 2006

(I've been Googling and looking through the archives, but haven't hit an 
explanation/answer so far.)

I'm very new to Erlang, I'm just working my way through a tutorial. I 
spawned a process and was told that it has PID <0.47.0>, but I failed to 
assign that to a variable. Now, is there any way I can send a message to 
that PID by using the "raw" ID? I tried writing stuff like "<0.47.0> ! 
foobar." or "0.47.0 ! foobar." in an attempt to mimic the code I've seen 
where people write something like "ThePid = spawn(...). ThePid ! foobar." 
However, the Erlang shell did not like my attempts :-) Is there a way to use 
"raw" PIDs, or must it be stored in a variable?

many thanks,

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