mnesia:transform_table(Tab, Fun, NewAttributeList)

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Thu Jul 6 19:46:08 CEST 2006

Hi, folks.

I have a mnesia table where I am about to change the definition of the record which it is based on.
I have found the mnesia:transform_table/3 and mnesia:transform_table/4 functions. I know how to implement this if I use tuples in the funs that transform the objects in the table.

fun({user, UserId, UserName, UserPassword}) ->
    UserEMail = none,
    {user, UserId, UserName, UserPassword, UserEMail}.

The problem is that I have been thought to to assume that records are tuples.
You cant have a record name with two definitions, if you have diffrent name, you will have to enter the new recordnam into the databas.

So, how should one procede?
* When changeing the recodord defintion for at mnesia table change the record name, or
* Use the tuple definition of records. The code will only be used once so who cares, or
* None of the above.

Andreas Hillqvist
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