64-Bit Erlang on SOLARIS 10

Valentin Micic [ MTN - Innovation Centre ] Micic_V@REDACTED
Tue Jul 4 17:35:31 CEST 2006

Hello Mikael and others,

Thank you very much -- that part worked!!!

My next problem:

Compiler complains about undefined data types (i.e. ctid_t), but I
suspect GCC version that I'm running (will download one for Sol10)


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>Can anybody, please, tell me what parameters to pass to configure
>utility in order to force 64-bit support for Erlang emulator.
>Thanks in advance.

Assuming it's SPARC and you're using gcc, then you need
to pass -m64 to gcc. On the rare occasion that I do a
64-bit SPARC build, I do it via the following kludge:

exec gcc -m64 "$@"
chmod +x /tmp/gcc64
env CC=/tmp/gcc64 ./configure <options>

Maybe 'env CFLAGS="-O2 -m64" ./configure' would work too.

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