odbc and MS sql server

Pieter Rautenbach Pieter.Rautenbach@REDACTED
Tue Jul 4 12:51:02 CEST 2006

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Hi Jani,
You can definitely access MS SQL DBs from Erlang. Take a look at the FreeTDS
driver (www.freetds.org) and the unixODBC manager (www.unixodbc.org).
Pieter Rautenbach


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I've been reading through the docs of odbc module and tried to establish
connection to a Microsoft sql server....but without any success:

{error,"No SQL-driver information available. Connection to database failed."}

I've tried it to run it both from windows and freebsd machine.

Does anybody know which odbc drivers I exactly need? And is it possible to
connect to MS SQL server with erlang app, at all ?


Thanks in advance,



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