lightweight Erlang with package management

Christophe Romain christophe.romain@REDACTED
Mon Jul 3 17:26:50 CEST 2006

> Is there a way to identify the correct implementation to use for one's
> current platform?

the start script does that this way:

arch() {
     case $1 in
     i[3456]86 ) echo x86 ;;
     * ) echo `uname -p | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]` ;;

OS=`uname -s | tr A-Z a-z`
HARD=`uname -m`
ARCHDIR="$OS-`arch $HARD`"
export ARCHDIR

note: the url of one's current platform for base.tar.gz is$ARCHDIR/base.tar.gz

> It would be even nicer if there was a small client
> that would detect the running platform and if erlang is already
> installed

erlrt is not necessary installed into a directory from $PATH
this would be possible only for system installation with standard path 
for the erl script.

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