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Sat Jan 28 22:58:35 CET 2006

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I've been trying to hire another developer recently (a C++ job), and  
saw a candidate who had worked at Ericsson's Santa Barbara location  
(I am in SB as well).  I asked him whether he had worked with Erlang  
at all during his days at Ericsson.

He wasn't sure what Erlang was, and when I told him a little more  
about it, he said that he hadn't worked with it, but that he thought  
it had been a problem on the low-level switch they were working with.

So, even within Ericsson it seems like there are mixed messages.  Or  
perhaps this candidate was spinning a story on-the-fly about the  

I have never built anything large with Erlang, so I can't say one way  
or another, but my impression is that Erlang is at least as viable as  
C++ for most applications (though perhaps not for the lower-level  
matrix math and numerical work we do in my day job).

So, perhaps you can add *me* as one more counter-example.  :-)

- -Brent

On Jan 28, 2006, at 6:13 AM, Ulf Wiger ((AL/EAB)) wrote:

> It's been pointed out to me that, despite my
> efforts to remove ads that mentioned the Erlang
> Formula, rather than the Erlang language, only
> 3-4 of those ads actually mentioned the Erlang
> language. Bummer.
> I also should have pointed out that none of them
> actually asked for an Erlang programmer, but did
> mention Erlang as a valuable skill.
> That's what I found interesting, because a long-
> standing argument against Erlang has been that
> nobody would want to work with it -- esp. in the
> U.S. -- since it doesn't look good on your CV.
> It would of course have been nice to be able to
> present more than 3-4 counter-examples... (:
> /Uffe
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>> BTW, I came across this job site:
>> %22Erlang+
>> C%22&start=10
>> The above search lists 30 job ads that cite Erlang as a
>> desirable skill, all of them in the U.S. (mostly CA, but also
>> IL, TX, MA, OH, NY), and all of them fairly new.
>> Regards,
>> Uffe
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>>> Hello everyone,
>>> There is a vacancy in T-Mobile UK. Check it out if you are
>> interested.
>>> XTERNAL/pck317-42649.htm
>>> cheers,
>>> Chandru

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