RFQ for mediation system

Stephen Gibberd stephen@REDACTED
Fri Jan 27 05:53:26 CET 2006


I'm helping organise a RFQ for a mediation system for Mobitel 
(www.mobitel.com.kh) and having used erlang/ejabberd (and
played with J-EAI) was hoping we could use them as the messaging system
between client applications (customer provisioning, help desk, 3rd
party, etc) and the agents that connect to the network elements (IN/prepaid 
via Corba, HLR via LDAP, SMSC via SNMP, etc).

Company policy is to purchase an existing product which we can modify
from a company with experience supplying mediation solutions to telecom
companies. If you know of an interested company, can you let me know

Thanks, Stephen

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