Software life cycle in Erlang

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The correct link (I promise, we are getting rid of the frames soon!!) to the Test Driven Development thesis is
TDD proved to be the best approach.


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>I would say it hate to do with the preconditions, is there a spec (the 
>optimistic approach..)? in that case what kind of spec you got, what 
>are the requirements, are there any high risk requirements and so on.
>In any case an iterative model is proven to be very flexible 
>productive. Have a look at Fowlers page, lots of info.
>Some pointers though:
>General agile stuff:
>Martin Carlson
>On Jan 25, 2006, at 3:19 PM, Thomas Lindgren wrote:
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>>> I'm trying to figure out the best model for software
>>> development in Erlang.
>> The best _model_ seems to be iterative development of
>> some sort, perhaps test driven. AXD 301 had great
>> success with steadily improving "increments", to take
>> one of the great success stories.
>> Taking a number like 35% for implementation means your
>> whole project is done about 50% faster (in 2/3 the
>> time) even if the language permits infinitely faster
>> development than the state of the art, simply because
>> the rest of the phases aren't concerned with
>> programming. (That's the usual argument against
>> switching programming languages, of course.) This
>> doesn't seem right -- the added flexibility also means
>> you can use powerful new development processes.
>> My recommendation: try to "switch to better rules".
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>> Thomas
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