Compressed XML (was: Build an erlang computer (was:Computers are fast))

Ewan Higgs ewan_higgs@REDACTED
Thu Jan 26 12:59:49 CET 2006

--- "Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB)"
<joe.armstrong@REDACTED> wrote:
>    How about writing an XML parser that works
> directly from an LSZZ
> compressed XML stream
> *without* doing the decompression first. If your
> clever and cache the
> result of the parses
> of the things that the LZSS pointer point to you
> might be able to write
> a very fast and compact parser.

I don't know about LSZZ, but I know Zip (RFC 1950 [1])
is iterative so if you have an erlang binding[2] you
can make a process that repeatedly reads chunks of the
file and inflates and then passes it to the xml
parsing process[3].

>    I will give a bottle of whisky to the first
> person to send me a
> correct Erlang program that does this.

If the above helps you write it in a trivial amount of
time, can I claim the prize? :D

Warm regards,

[3] A slightly jiggied version of your own xml parsing
library will work fine:

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