early warning - new rdbms

Sanjaya Vitharana sanjaya@REDACTED
Thu Jan 26 08:46:45 CET 2006

Not a DB expert but below what I think :)

> - I'd like to break compatibility with the old
>   rdbms in some respects. Is this a problem for
>   anyone? (speak now or forever hold your peace)

OK. But better if we have easy way to tranform the old dbs in to new db
format without effecting to the runtime systems.

I'm targetting to something like below steps
1.) Create the New rdbms (New Format).
2.) Start the New DB in a node & some way to tell that there is a old DB to
refer as well.(might be 2 mnesia versions need to run in the same time in
case of incompatibility issue)
3.) Redirect all the queries to the New DB.
    But when queries are comming, this time it should search the New DB as
well as OLD DB. Saving new data only into the new DB (and should remove the
duplicate from the old DB when save is performed -- or any efficient way can
be used).
4.) Start transform the old db in to new DB. (There should be a intelegent
way to handle the transform as well as other queries without effecting to
runtime system).
5.) After finishing the data transform, should be a way to tell that to
refer only new table or it should be done automatically.
6.) Shut down the old db node & delete the old db.

> - Do you have any suggestions or feature requests?

Way to handle huge tables with minimum Memory (Performance in the 1st Place
& 2nd the Memory requerement).

> - Do you want to help out?

Yes, like to help :)

Sanjaya Vitharana

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