Software life cycle in Erlang

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I am not clear over if the head-line "Prototyping model" means
that you are only trying to elaborate over the phases in
prototype development!? In that case I certainly agree with Thomas'
comments. In a prototype project one should really try to
get down implementing as soon as possible rather than trying to analyse
the problem fully first.
Otherwise, if we are not talking about a prototype but a fully
commercial system, then as you so correctly put it in your headline
"Life Cycle" one must not forget that initial development is actually not
the main part. It is the cost for making changes, extensions,
bug-fixes, trouble-shoot difficult problems, supporting customers and
understand how it all was done in years to come.

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I'm trying to figure out the best model for software development in Erlang.
What do you think would be the right values for Analisys, Design,
Implementation and Testing phases?  
Prototyping model:
Analisys............... 20% 
Design................. 20%
Implementation.... 35%
Testing................. 25%
Any comments?
regards, Eduardo Figoli

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