announcement - erlsom, support for XML Schema

Willem de Jong
Sun Jan 22 21:28:22 CET 2006


I have uploaded a first version of 'erlsom' to sourceforge.

Erlsom is a set of functions that allow you to use XSDs in Erlang. I
posted a short introduction about 2 weeks ago.

The current release should probably be called an alfa or beta release.
It is not ready to be used in an operational telecommunication system
or anything like that, but it is far enough to be of some interest.
Should the very first attempt to use it fail, please don't give up
immediately...  In any case I would welcome your comments.

I have been struggling a bit with sourceforge. I am not sure whether
the current setup allows you to download the files easily. Worst case
you may have to browse the CVS and download the files one by one. If
anybody can tell me what I have been doing wrong, I'd appreciate it.

The files are in a separate project called erlsom, it should be easy to find.


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