Realtime Multiuser 2D Board Implementation

Jeff Crane jefcrane@REDACTED
Tue Jan 17 04:55:33 CET 2006

I feel a little embarassed asking this question, given
the depth of other questions on this list but...

I was interested in attempting to simulate a 10x10
tile board, then spawn about 5 clients at random
locations and allow them to move about, just to see
how erlang performs, then scale it by a factor of 10,
then another 10. I read up on ball.erl and had to
rewrite it from tk to gs. Read board.erl. As a
veritable newbie, I cannot tell if I should go with -

Design A
Make up a tile module and spawn tiles when I bring the
server up, using inter-server messaging to move the
client-connections about.


Design B
I attempt to keep track with updates to a single
canvas, a-la board.erl.

Which is going to yield better response times and
performance in scaling?

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