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Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Mon Jan 16 12:29:48 CET 2006

There is already a 'msc' (misc) library in jungerl.
Why not put single modules there and add html documentation
to msc/doc. This way it will automatically be visible under

It would also be possible to create erlmerge packages to
be uploaded to (requires some adjustments so
that single modules can be separated into different packages).

Btw: Has anyone (apart from myself) tried erlmerge ?
Personally, I find it extremely useful... ;-)

Cheers, Tobbe

Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I feel that there should be a code repository for 3rd party Erlang code that
> is easily searchable and at a smaller granularity than jungerl. Jungerl
> contains many pearls, but if they happen to be in an application that I
> don't even know what is about, I'll never look there "just in case".
> What I'd like to have is a repository for general-use library code. One
> example would be the many times discussed httpd_utils. In the end, this code
> might find its way to the standard libraries, but in the meantime why
> reinvent the wheel just because one didn't know it was already invented?
> I have a few ideas about how this could be done[*], but I'd like to know how
> interesting something like this would be for the community. Also, somebody
> else could have better implementation ideas.
> best regards,
> Vlad
> [*] Authors annotate the code (in jungerl or elsewhere) and a tool will then
> extract and publish this information online (at trapexit, maybe).
>     One way to annotate might be to choose a standard library module where
> these functions would best be found, if they were to be included in the
> standard libs. For example a mapwhile/3 function would be annotated with
> "lists".

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