xmerl: Option {prolog,stop} removed between 0.17 and 1.0.3 ?

Bertil Karlsson bertil.karlsson@REDACTED
Thu Jan 12 16:51:46 CET 2006

That option was removed before the first OTP-release. I cannot remember 
the reason why it was removed and I have not found any comments about it 


Adam Aquilon wrote:

> Does anyone know why the {prolog,stop} option was removed somewhere
> between xmerl-0.17 and xmerl-1.0.3 ?
> Is there a replacement for it?
>                  ---------------
> I studied the changelogs available at sowap.sourceforge.net and the ones
> that are part of the 1.0.3 documentation, but could only find the 
> addition
> of the feature in xmerl-0.16. There was no mention of it being removed
> (as far as I could see).
> When trying to run old code against 1.0.3, I got a 'function_clause'
> exception in xmerl_scan:initial_state([{prolog,stop}], <state>).
> There is no clause handling the {prolog,stop} option.
> Thanks in advance for any info on this,
> Adam Aquilon

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