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On Saturday 14 January 2006 14:41, Michael McDaniel wrote:
> I found a nice example by Lennart Ohman which helped me.
> Well, I first read OTP Design Principles over and over (and other
> documents), and worked with "plain Erlang" for many smaller
> programs (using bits and pieces of OTP but not the powerful
> supervisor).  Then my mind was ready to understand, I think, and
> Lennart Ohman's example was very useful to me.
> Here is link to thread with example:

I understand the example, but again the example is about making a program (a 
gen_server) and its supervisor, similar to what is explained on OTP Design 
and Principles (which I understood, but took me a long time since the 
provided code doesn't run out of the box).
What I am doing is slightly different. I am making a gen_ (gen_echo for 
example) from which other programs (like echo, supervised or not) can be 
done. That is, I am writing code analogous to gen_server.
My question is if I should use gen_server, copy and paste it, or what.

> google is your friend.
I've searched a lot and read a lot of documents, but I am still missing some 
pieces (those that tie the rest of them).

Thank you.
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