Structuring an application

Joel Reymont joelr1@REDACTED
Fri Jan 13 17:07:14 CET 2006


Thanks for the tip.

On Jan 13, 2006, at 3:57 PM, Rick Pettit wrote:

>          * one_for_one  -  if  one  child  process terminates and
>            should  be  restarted,  only  that  child  process  is
>            affected.

What if I _do not_ want that child restarted, that's my issue. Is  
there a way to supervise without restarting within OTP or do I just  
have to use erlang:monitor?

> Just out of curiousity, are you taking a crash course in Erlang for  
> work,
> school, or fun? You ask a ton of questions :-)

I wrote a poker server in Erlang last summer and didn't ask a lot of  
questions during that time. Then I was rooming with a distinguished  
member of the Erlang community so it was quicker to just ask him :D.

I'm trying to use Erlang everywhere I can now which worked well  
during my bout with Haskell. I figure it does not hurt to ask  
questions and the more I ask, the more I learn.



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