Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Thu Jan 12 09:41:09 CET 2006

If you add the "exit_status" option to the call to open_port, you get
exactly what you asked for:

   1> erlang:open_port({spawn, "/tmp/a.out"}, [exit_status]).
   2> flush().
   Shell got {#Port<0.79>,{exit_status,136}}
   3> erlang:open_port({spawn, "/bin/true"}, [exit_status]).         
   4> flush().                                              
   Shell got {#Port<0.83>,{exit_status,0}}



Dietmar Schaefer writes:

 > Is there a way to distinguish the exit status of an unix process started 
 > by open_port ?
 > No matter if my process terminates because of a devide by zero or I 
 > close it ->
 > Reason is always normal
 > handle_info({'EXIT', Port, Reason}, Port) ->
 >     io:format("External program exited Reason=~p Port=~p~n",
 >           [Reason, Port]),
 >     {stop, shutdown, noport};

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