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Thu Jan 5 21:17:25 CET 2006


I'd like to ask the Erlang community for some help.  While we've done 
plenty of systems prototyping in Erlang, in a couple of weeks we are 
about to release a production system written almost entirely in Erlang 
in the internal network.

I was talking to my manager, the CIO of the company, and he expressed 
some concerns about the fact that the system is implemented in Erlang. 
He understands all the benefits, and is not against this technology (I 
presented to him various papers from Ericsson describing the maturity 
and advantages of Erlang/OTP), but given the fact that the project will 
handle over one billion dollars of annual traffic, he wants to make sure 
that other companies indeed use this technology in production and that 
there are real people behind it.

For this reason, I'd like to ask for some volunteers that use Erlang/OTP 
in production, so that he could call them for reference in order to 
eliminate his concern.  As he has enough influence, so that the lack of 
his confidence in Erlang/OTP might jeopardize the project deployment, I 
would largely appreciate your help in terms of showing that the 
technology is indeed alive.  As with many other senior executives, he 
believes more in speaking with real people rather than reading white papers.



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