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Welcome to Erlang :-)
I suggest you read the first chapters of Concurrent Programming
in Erlang available at: http://www.erlang.org/download/erlang-book-part1.pdf
It will explain a lot to you about atoms,variables and such.

Good luck,

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Hi all, 
I am a new comer in the Erlang world. By looking at the following lines on
an Erlang shell, I have one question regarding Erlang.
Line 6 is not successful which says Hello is unbound. However, line 7 is
okay. I am thinking that 'unbound' means that the Erlang shell can't
determine the end of the string 'Hello'. But it is okay for string 'hello'. 
Can't a string with capital letter be used in such case?
6> io:format("this is a test!~w~n",[Hello]). 
** 1: variable 'Hello' is unbound ** 
7> io:format("this is a test!~w~n",[hello]). 
this is a test!hello 

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