How to find out what's going on

Joel Reymont joelr1@REDACTED
Wed Jan 4 01:36:33 CET 2006

Just to make sure no one misses the point...

The tracing code grabs the time BEFORE disk_log is used.

Also, why would it spend 22 seconds in the asynchronous write? Isn't  
the write supposed to be asynchronous, i.e. write and finish right away?

On Jan 3, 2006, at 11:53 PM, Michael McDaniel wrote:

>> trace(Bot, Level, Format, Args)
>>   when Level =< Bot#bot.debug_level ->
>>     {_, Time} = erlang:localtime(),
>>     disk_log:alog(Bot#bot.log, {trace, self(), Format, Args, Time});
> I'm guessing you are seeing the 22 seconds as that asynchronous
> write.


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