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Mon Jan 2 01:04:41 CET 2006

More informations from Jurij

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Subject: Bug#328031: Debian Bug #328031, Erlang 10.b.9 compile bug on Debian 
Date: Sunday 01 January 2006 17:41
From: Jurij Smakov <jurij@REDACTED>
To: 328031@REDACTED


Ok, the situation is a bit more clear now... The problem is that erlang's
build system assumes that sparc automatically means ultrasparc and (if
hipe is enabled) automatically turns on all the ultrasparc-specific
optimizations. That's a problem, because we, at this point, still support
the 32-bit hardware, and so ultrasparc-optimized binaries will not work
out of the box on older machines.

I see two ways out of this situation. The easy one is to disable hipe on
sparc. As I understand, that will turn off all the processor-specific
optimizations and should build fine on the buildds. The harder one is to
produce two sets of packages - one with hipe enabled and thus
ultrasparc-optimized, the other one with hipe disabled, and thus suitable
for sparc32 hardware. Whatever the decision is going to be, I'll be glad
test out the packages and advise on the proper way to build them.

Best regards,

Jurij Smakov                                        jurij@REDACTED
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