SV: SV: Killing Supervisor

Samuel Rivas samuel@REDACTED
Wed Apr 26 17:02:07 CEST 2006

> >    >    If you simply do exit(Pid,kill) on the supervisor, it will not
> >    >    be given the chance of terminating its children in an ordered
> >    >    way.
> > 
> >      Calling exit(SupervisorPid, shutdown) in the supervisor's parent
> >    process would do the trick.
> > 
>    But still the higher level supervisor will see this as that the
>    child-supervisor you just terminated has terminated due to a fault.
>    It will try to restart it according to the type (temporary, transient
>    or permenant) and restart intensity.
>    If one wants to get rid of children, the supervisor API
>    supervisor:terminate_child/2 should be used.

  Of course, if the parent process is a supervisor it is much more
sensible to use the API to shutdown his children ;-)


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