EUnit 2.0 alpha testers wanted

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Wed Apr 26 00:09:17 CEST 2006

Pupeno wrote:
> My unit tests using EUnit 2.0 have grown a lot, in fact, since I am doing a 
> kind of meta-testing, they grow exponentially as my data structures grows. 
> I've already reached the point where Erlang crashed after exhausting all my 
> 700 MB or RAM (or so it seemed after the error message).
> Can I continue to  work with a huge number of tests but not having take make a 
> list of all of them ? That is, testing one at a time and and either try all 
> the tests and return how many failed and how many didn't or halt at first 
> failed test and show the debugging output to solve the problem. (If I make a 
> change and suddenly 5000 tests don't pass, then I'll have to wait more than 
> 30 seconds for Emacs to show all the output of the failure and I am 
> interested only in the first one).
> Up to now I am simply testing with eunit:test/1; maybe my answer relies on 
> eunit_server ? I couldn't really understand how it works.
> Thanks.

It is a sort of weakness of the current implementation that it assumes
that you can produce a complete list of all the tests in advance. I did
not expect to run into trouble so quickly, but you have shown that this
needs to be addressed somehow. Thank you for giving the system such a
thorough workout. :-)

Meanwhile, I can only suggest that you try to generate and run smaller
subsets of tests one at a time. Also, you might want to think about
whether you really want to do exhaustive testing. Perhaps you should
have a look at QuickCheck, and try some probability-based checking.


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