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Leif Johansson leifj@REDACTED
Mon Apr 24 13:53:58 CEST 2006

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Joel Reymont wrote:
> Folks,
> How would I store a billion triples with Erlang?
> I don't necessarily need the full power of RDF as storing triples in the
> form of {"Joel", has_a, daughter} would suffice. I would not mind
> complying with RDF of course but it seems that would be an extra burder
> due to the necessity of storing everything as strings, the need to
> implement tries for those and the way Erlang stores strings.
> I'm not sure how to go about storing a billion of such triples in
> Mnesia. I suppose I would need to use a 64-bit machine and a
> disc_only_copy table.
> Any suggestions?
>     Thanks, Joel
> -- 

I'd also like an answer to that question. I did some experiments but
don't understand the way to get mnesia to play nice. I assume you have
looked at the way tripplestores are typically built with rdbms ? Some
of the schemes used in things like 3store, sesame, kowari (?) might
be translatable...

I am interested in working on this.

	Cheers Leif
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