mnesia text search ?

ke han ke.han@REDACTED
Mon Apr 24 00:56:22 CEST 2006

I need to do a very simple text search on fields in mnesia tables.  I  
can't seem to find a simple method to accomplish this.  I looked at  
qlc, pattern matching, etc, but I just can't put it together.

I have a table named product and want to be able to find all product  
records where fields name, description and customerId are searched  
for inclusion of a string.  That is, regexp match in its simplest form.

I don't care if the current implementation is efficient.  I just need  
a simple way to get it done.

BTW, I notice that Ulf's rdbms has some searching features.  Is this  
code in a working state?  Any examples?

thanks, ke han

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