EUnit 2.0 alpha testers wanted

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Sun Apr 23 12:32:21 CEST 2006

Pupeno wrote:
> Are there any chances of releasing under both licences, the ERLANG PUBLIC 
> LICENSE and a GPL-compatible one ? like GNU General Public License or GUN 
> Leaser General Public License ?
> Thank you.

Yes, that is possible. I usually use LGPL for my hobby projects, but
since the existing eunit 1.0 was published under EPL, I kept that for
the time being. We'll see.

Maybe this is a good time to ask people in general: do you prefer the
EPL or the LGPL? Does it affect your ability to use it in your work?
(I know that some corporate types are irrational about all things GPL,
and might not accept the LGPL either.)

On Saturday, 22 de April de 2006 11:25, Pupeno wrote:
> > GUN
> > Leaser General Public License ?
> Sorry for the ugly miss-spelling, I meant GNU Leaser General Public License.

No, you meant the GNU Lesser General Public License. ;-)

But a "Gun Leaser" general public license sounds like fun.


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