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Tue Apr 18 09:29:32 CEST 2006

Lainaus "Hao, Ming" <mhao@REDACTED>:

> Sorry if this question has been asked. With multiple processors
> available in a machine, can an erlang virtual machines schedule
> processes to run on them? Or you have to run multiple erlang virtual
> machines in order to do it?  Thanks.

The Erlang Virtual Machine is not yet multithreaded (except for asynchronous
I/O), but there's development snapshot of multithreading Erlang Virtual Machine
available at .
Compile it with: ./configure --enable-smp-support --disable-lock-checking 

My initial experiences indicate that either it doesn't scale in Mnesia's bench
or Mac OS X's Mach-microkernel holds it back. I've got some results from my Mac
Mini Core Duo, but I run some more tests soon. My feeling is that it does scale
quite nicely when there's no contention to ets (which Mnesia is based on) as
Joe's & CO's experiments hints:

>From the list:

> -ming

Jani Launonen

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