2006 Erlang Workshop

Phil Trinder trinder@REDACTED
Mon Apr 17 11:46:47 CEST 2006


Don't forget the 2006 ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop, September 26th in
Portland, Oregon (http://www.erlang.se/workshop/2006/).

The workshop is a forum for the Erlang open-source, academic, and
industrial communities. We welcome high-quality  papers outlining new
Erlang language developments, techniques, tools and novel applications.
The workshop is co-located with ICFP'06 (http://icfp06.cs.uchicago.edu/).

The submission deadline is early June, and even if you don't have a paper,
it's a good place to find out what's happening in the Erlang community.

See you there!


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