Danish OIO Service Oriented Infrastructure and Erlang

bryan rasmussen rasmussen.bryan@REDACTED
Mon Apr 10 10:39:54 CEST 2006

I'm currently on a project that I think could benefit from possible
usage of Erlang, the page for the project is at
http://www.oio.dk/arkitektur/soa/infrastruktur this page is written in
Danish although the descriptive documents it links to are English, so
I have provided a translation beneath:

OIO Serviceorienteret Infrastruktur is an initiative, that has as its
object to develop a framework for exchange of business documents over
the internet in a secure and trusted manner. This project is
especially focussed on small and medium sized firms and governmental

The Project is composed of 3 elements:

An adressing mechanism, whereby service providers and their endpoints
can be located. Registering of services are done via Danish CVR
numbers (civil registry numbers) and eventually EAN-locations numbers.
A web service profile - i.e. an interoperability profile. This Profile
is a specification of a number of web service standards, which are
combined with reference to specific business requirements.
A software toolkit and  reference implementation of a client - a
so-called "message handler". This Software toolkit will be implemented
both in Java and .Net platforms, so that software-providers and system
integrators can easily provide support for the addressing mechanism
and exhange of business documents as per the profile.

If anyone has any comments on the architecture proposed, places where
they can see Erlang fitting, arguments to be made for using Erlang,
please pass them along.

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