ets or mnesia?

Jérémie Lumbroso jeremie@REDACTED
Tue Apr 4 22:44:57 CEST 2006


I have bits and pieces of data I would like to make available to all my
processes, and which I would like these processes to be able to edit.

I originally was going to do this with records that are maintained at a
supervisor level. All the childs then send messages to the supervisor to
modify the records. Each child keeps track of the data that is important to

But this seemed to bypass the "make small module-like processes that only do
one thing", and seemed like it could easily become unmaintainable.

I then thought of mnesia, but when reading the introduction page of its
guide, I heard of dets/ets.

I *will* have some data that I want to permanently keep and have a fast,
indexed access to—and for that I will use mnesia. But the data I'm talking
about here is something that is only needed while the program is running. It
is not data I want to keep, and it is data that will likely change a lot
while the children are connected to the servers.

Should I use mnesia or ets for that? (And if you say ets, can you recommend
a good starting guide?)

Best Regards,

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