Send - buffer overrun

Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Tue Apr 4 18:44:47 CEST 2006

Hello Eduardo,

* Inswitch Solutions <erlang@REDACTED> [2006-04-04 12:17:34 -0300]:

> Hi,
> I have a TCP/IP Client in Erlang and doing some stressing on it I've noticed that the gen_tcp:send/2 function blocks.
> About send function in MSDN doc:
>     "If no buffer space is available within the transport system to hold the data to be transmitted, send will block unless the socket has been placed in a nonblocking mode"
> In Erlang I can't use select or other async functions. Is there any solution for this in Erlang?

The state of the discussion can be found in the following mail from
Matthias Lang:

I hope this helps,

Mickaël Rémond

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