where is snmp_mgr in otp_src_R10B-9?

Micael Karlberg bmk@REDACTED
Tue Apr 4 10:37:10 CEST 2006


The snmp_mgr was primarily a test-tool, and was therefor moved to
the test directory when version 4.0 was released, which included
a "proper" manager component. The test directory will be included
in next version of the SNMP application (included in R11B).

The snmp_mgr_test module is clearly broken. Thanks for pointing
that out!

But, I would not base any tests on code found in the test directory.
It can be rewritten or even removed from one version to another.


Daniele Andreasi wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm using erlang snmp and i'd like to test my agent development with 
> snmp_mgr, but i don't find that module in erlang src and library.
> Moreover I find in the directory ex1 in the snmp library an example 
> where the module snmp_mgr it's started by the module snmp_mgr_tests...
> How it's possible?
> Thanks
> Daniele

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