Mnesia fundamentals

kaslist kaslist@REDACTED
Mon Apr 3 16:45:51 CEST 2006


I think this is a just a quick question for someone who knows.... 

I've been trying to get to grips with using Mnesia and, with a simple: 
one table one record setup, I've managed to work through most of the 
functions very happily.  I thought I was really getting somewhere until 
a couple of days ago when... I tried to fill two tables defined with the 
same record type.

Specifically, the tutorial that I based my studies on used:

-record(employee, {emp_no, name, salary, sex, phone, room_no}).
mnesia:create_table(employee,  [{attributes, record_info(fields, 
Emp  = #employee{emp_no= 843838, name = klacke, salary = 3, sex = male, 
phone = 98111, room_no ={221, 051}},

...and to insert the data within a transaction:

mnesia:write(employee, Emp, write)

All well and good.  However, when I restart the program with the 
addition a second table:

mnesia:create_table(employee2,  [{attributes, record_info(fields, 

and attempted to insert the data within a transaction thus:

    mnesia:write(employee2, Emp, write)

...everything compiles happily, runs happily... but employee2 table is 
not filled and yet no errors/exceptions are found. 

I have gone over and over the tutorials and the dozen or so Mnesia 
references/blogs on the net looking for examples of this issue but to no 
avail. Must there be a relationship between the record and table 
names??? Can anyone help me out of this newbie ditch I've got myself into?



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