BEA offers real-time version of WebLogic server

Joel Reymont joelr1@REDACTED
Wed Sep 28 18:12:41 CEST 2005

It sounds like Erlang has got some competition now. Moreover, it  
seems like there will be far less reason for people to move to Erlang  
now since the claims like soft real-time and hot code loading have  
been matched for Java.

Me? I wanna try network servers in Haskell and network or database- 
based Shared Transactional Memory (STM).

"Upgrades are now on the fly," CEO Alfred Chuang told approximately  
2,000 delegates at the company's users' conference in Santa Clara,  
Calif. "This is the world's first hot-swappable application server in  
production. Imagine changing the engine of a race car during the  
race...this is what we are doing.

"I remember the days in the early '90s of the first hot-swappable  
server, where things kept running while you upgraded components  
inside a machine. We've got the first hot-swappable application server."


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