Erlang Workshop Presentations

Simon@erlang simon@REDACTED
Wed Sep 28 15:34:39 CEST 2005

We have now added the four presentations Erlang Training & Consulting gave in Tallinn online:

On Saturday, we spoke at the Commercial Users of Functional programming languages workshop (CUFP) describing our experiences in ten years of marketing, using, testing and supporting Erlang. 

At the Erlang workshop, Francesca Gangemi presented ERESYE, a tool for the realization of expert systems. It is now possible to have an inference engine running in the same memory space as your Erlang application.

Simon Aurell presented his thesis on home automation using instant messaging, a project developed using ejabberd, X10 drivers, and other open source components. 

Martin Carlson took advantage of the 10 minute “crazy idea” session to talk about the 40% reduction in bugs when using test driven development with Erlang.

All  presentations are available at in both html and pdf. Hopefully, Bjarne will put up all other presentations online later on in the week on the official workshop page at



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