apologize for so many Help with learning Erlang!!!

Wed Sep 28 12:25:46 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 28 September 2005 11:54, Timur Irmatov wrote:
> Dear Jose!
> Sending 7 emails with identical content to a public mailing list is
> not a good way to seek help with any subject, be it Erlang or
> whatever.
> Please, be polite and stop spamming..
> If you don't see any responses to your mail, may be there are no
> interested people, or they just didn't even read your email yet, or
> may be not willing to answer or help.
> Thanks.

 You are absolutely right, but this is not spam, is me having problems posting 
to the list and I simply don't know what problem is, if you look to the date 
of some postings you will see than some was sent by me almost two weeks ago 
but not reached the list till today. I try it few times thinking the messages 
were lost.
 I am very sorry and hope you all to understand that it is not my intention to 
upset you.

Best regards,

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