Developing for multiple releases?

Bengt Tillman (LI/EAB) bengt.tillman@REDACTED
Wed Sep 14 15:02:52 CEST 2005

"Vlad Dumitrescu XX (LN/EAB)" <vlad.xx.dumitrescu@REDACTED> writes:

> Me again :-)
> Is anyone developing code that is to be compiled for/used in nodes running different releases? 
> If yes, how do your development process look like? Just makefiles, or something more elaborate? Would a tool supporting this (semi)automatically be useful?
For the NETSim product (Ericsson-internal link: we have solved the problem in a radically different way. We ship two Erlang runtime environments with the product (one for Solaris and one for Linux) so that it can be installed and executed on a network of mixed architectures.

For each new OTP release we run a script which makes a run-time package out of our installations (by removing source code, documentation and applications we do not need).
We then integrate the run-time package into the product.

/Bengt Tillman

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