Using cygwin

Peter Marks peter.c.marks@REDACTED
Mon Sep 12 17:04:19 CEST 2005


I'm new to the list. I came upon Erlang via the "Concepts, Techniques
and Models..." book. So far, Erlang has satisfied my need for
something simpler and more suitable for the type of work I do:
developing distributed applications. While not what you would consider
really "distributed", I spent the past year developing the deception
called a web application. In this case, I was using Java, Faces and
JSP. It wasn't fun. Prior to that I spent a few years at Sun working
with the Jini infrastructure.

I've looked in the archives but I couldn't find an answer to this
question: I have been trying to build the cnode_s.c example from the
Interoperability Tutorial using cygwin on Windows XP. What is a
"typical" gcc compile and link command line?



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